Increase in email, text ‘phishing’ scams reported

By Staff Reports -

LIMA — Elder Victim Ministry, a program of Crime Victim Services of Allen and Putnam counties, is seeing an increase in “phishing scams,” where victims give out passwords, Social Security or bank account numbers to what looks like a legitimate request from a company.

A spokeswoman for the program urges residents to protect their information by using security software and keeping it updated. When asked to provide personal information, residents should hang up and call the company in question to verify the request, said Director Elysia Bush.

“Take advantage of ‘two-factor authentication’ where you enter a password plus an extra passcode sent by text or a fingerprint scan,” Bush said. “This is especially important for software that accesses your finances.”

Persons who think that they may have given away important personal information should report the incident to law enforcement. Calls may also be placed to Elder Victim Ministry at 419-222-8666 (Lima) or 419-523-1111 (Ottawa). The Federal Trade Commission recommends forwarding a phishing email to and a phishing text to SPAM (7726).

By Staff Reports

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