Weather was nice to us in 2020

By Jim Krumel -

LIMA – For all the problems that unfolded during 2020, one thing that didn’t bring much trouble to the Lima region was the weather.

“It basically was a pretty average weather year in your region,” said Tom Kinds, a meteorologist with AccuWeather.

While it got hot – there were 21 days when the temperatures exceeded 90 degrees – it never became scorching hot. Not once did we have a day where the temperatures crossed the 100-degree mark.

“Your highest temperature was 94 degrees on June 9,” said Kinds.

The Lima region was also spared the mind-numbing cold weather that in past years had some folks thinking they were living on a tundra. The coldest day occurred on Feb. 15 when temperatures dropped to 2 degrees.

What we did see was more snow than usual. The winter period, which ran from April 2019 to March 2020, was blanked with 27.6 inches of snow. Normally it’s around 24 inches, Kinds said. The nearly 43 inches of rain over the year kept lawns green well into August.

So, what’s ahead as we welcome 2021 on Friday.

“The next two weeks should see warmer than normal temperatures mixed with precipitation,” said Kinds. “It could stay that way into March.”

By Jim Krumel

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