Holiday crackdown on impaired driving underway

LIMA — The Lima-Allen County Safe Community Coalition reports that law enforcement agencies in Allen County will be out in full force through Jan. 1 cracking down on impaired drivers. Law enforcement will show zero tolerance for drunk driving.

In the past decade in Allen County 101 people died in traffic crashes, with 33 of those killed in an impaired driving crash.

“The underlying reasons for many of these deaths include impaired driving, distracted driving, and failure to use seat belts. We all want to stop this unnecessary loss of life. The Lima-Allen County Safe Community Coalition is reminding everyone in Allen County to CHOOSE not to drink and drive,” said Evelyn Smith, project director for the coalition. “We can prevent even one more person from dying, or being seriously injured, in an impaired driving crash. It is up to us to choose to make our roads safer.”

Smith urged motorists to choose not to drink and drive and to choose a non-drinking designated driver before going out.

“And choose to always buckle up; it’s your best defense against an impaired driver,” Smith said.

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