Allen East voters to consider substitute tax levy in May

By Sam Shriver -

HARROD — Allen East school district voters will consider in May whether to make a five-year levy they’ve approved since 1994 into a permanent one.

It’s not a renewal levy per se.

“A renewal levy is the exact same language that was originally passed. Ours is considered a continuing substitute levy,” said Andrea Snyder, district treasurer. “It follows all of the original language from 1994 but instead of just a renewal, it substitutes it, and it goes for a continuing period of time. So instead of five years, if this would be approved by our voters in May, it wouldn’t be voted on again. It would be set for the future.”

The school board met Tuesday night to take the initial step towards getting the measure on the ballot.

“The very first step is a resolution of necessity, that the board has given the blessing stating that the school needs these funds. After this, we go to the county, and there’s a few more steps before it goes to the board of elections,” Snyder said.

The school district needs a change in the levy to help deal with inflation.

“Our current emergency levy is a fixed dollar amount levy at $330,000, so with our current language we can never collect more than that. If you want to look at inflationary rates, that $330,000 from 1994, that’s equivalent to about $530,000 today,” Snyder said. “So that money doesn’t grow. As inflation grows, as our school grows, as our property value grows, it’s fixed at that dollar amount.

“With this continuing substitute levy, there actually is an option for it to grow very slightly on only for new construction. So for existing taxpayers who live in the community, their taxes will never go up on this. It stays at that $330,000, but new construction can actually go on top of it, so it can grow,” Snyder said.

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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