New Bremen school board to meet

New Bremen school board: 6 p.m., Dianne Komminsk Center for Innovative Thinking, 901 E. Monroe St., New Bremen.

NEW BREMEN — The New Bremen Local School District Board of Education will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 16 in the Dianne Komminsk Center for Innovative Thinking, 901 E. Monroe St., New Bremen. Enter on the east side of the building.



Board of Education Agenda

December 16 (W), 2020

6:00 P.M.

I. Call to Order: Mrs. Shelly Busse, President

II. Roll Call of Board Members: Mrs. Jill Ahlers, Treasurer

Bambauer _____ Bertke _____ Busse _____ Suchland _____ Wells _____

III. Pledge of Allegiance:

President Busse will lead the pledge.

IV. Public Participation at Board Meetings:

The Board recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues and the importance of

allowing members of the public to express themselves on school matters of community interest.

However, in order for the Board to fulfill its obligation to complete the planned agenda in an effective

and efficient fashion, a maximum of 15 minutes of public participation will be permitted at each public

meeting of the Board.

The presiding officer of each Board meeting shall administer the rules of the Board for public

participation. A partial listing of the regulations are as follows:

A. Public participation shall be permitted only as indicated on the Board agenda according to the

order of business.

B. All persons wishing to participate in a public Board Meeting shall register their intent with the

Superintendent, Treasurer, or Board President in advance of the meeting by completing a written

request which shall include the name and address of the participant, the group affiliation if

appropriate, and the topic to be addressed.

C. Participants must be recognized by the presiding officer and preface their comments by an

announcement of their name and address

D. Public participation shall be limited to fifteen minutes per board meeting unless waived by the

majority of the Board and shall be equally divided among those desiring to address the Board.


V. Presentations


VI. Public Hearing

A public hearing is required for input on school calendar days and options. We will take input at

this time.

VII. Reports

Written reports were distributed with the agenda packet. Are there any questions pertaining to

these reports?

A. Mrs. Diane Kramer, K-6 Principal

B. Mr. Marcus Overman, 7-12 Principal

C. Mr. Gary Jones, Athletic Director

D. Mr. Brian Puthoff, Director of Technology


VIII. Consent Agenda Items

Following are recommendations that have been identified for approval as part of the consent

agenda. If a member of the board would wish to remove any item(s) from this agenda for further

discussion prior to taking action, please let either the superintendent or board president know.

A. Treasurer’s Recommendations:

1. Approve the Regular School Board Meeting minutes from November 18, 2020.

2. Approve the General Fund Paid Bills … … $ 141,413.75

3. Approve the Lunchroom Fund Paid Bills … $ 15,115.92

4. Establish activity account for the Bowling Camp/Coaches (300-953L). Increase revenues and

appropriations by $1,000.00.

5. Establish Fund #510-9VIL – Cares Act – Village of New Bremen. Increase revenues and

appropriations by $15,000.00.

• The Village of New Bremen gave $15,000 of their CARES Act money to the

District which was used on COVID-related expenses. Thank you to the Village

of New Bremen for their continued support of our schools!

6. Increase appropriations for Fund #005 Replacement fund by $28,000.00.

7. Increase appropriations for Fund #034 Maintenance Fund for K-6 Building by $602.42.

8. Increase appropriations for Fund #461 Ag 5th Quarter Grant by $4,511.27.

Motion by: ____________________, second by: ________________________ that the

board approve the motions contained in the Treasurer’s Report as presented.

Roll Call:

Bambauer _____ Bertke _____ Busse _____ Suchland _____ Wells _____

B. Superintendent’s Recommendations

1. Organizational Board Meeting

The N-B Board needs to establish a date for the organizational meeting and the January

School Board Meeting:

a. The Administration would suggest combining these two meetings into one meeting as

listed below. A budget hearing is no longer required due to legislation that allows county

auditor’s to waive the budget filing. Auglaize County has formally waived the budget

filing for Auglaize County.

b. By law, the organizational meeting must be held during or before the first fifteen (15)

days of January.

c. Appoint a President Pro-Tem to preside over the Organizational Meeting until such time

as a new Board President is elected: Mrs. Shelly Busse

Meeting Date Time Place

Organizational Meeting January 13, 2020 7:00 PM Komminsk Center

January Monthly Meeting January 13, 2020 7:15 PM Komminsk Center

2. OSBA Membership

Authorize the school district membership with the OSBA. New Bremen is a Charter

Member since 1955. This would include membership services and subscriptions to the

OSBA Journal and Briefcase for the Board Members, Treasurer, Principals, and



3. Approve the selling of two buses that were replaced by the new school buses purchased this

fall. The buses will be put on the Public Surplus Auction website (

4. Approve the rate for snow removal at the Maintenance Director’s hourly rate.

Motion by: ____________________, second by: ________________________ that the

board approve the Superintendent recommendations as presented.

Roll Call:

Bertke _____ Busse _____ Suchland _____ Wells _____ Bambauer _____

IX.Other New Business Items:

Motion by: , second by: that the board

approve the resolution as presented.

Roll Call:

Busse _____ Suchland _____ Wells _____ Bambauer _____ Bertke _____

X. Other Old Business Items:

A. School Board Member Compensation

According to advice from the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA), school boards should

discuss in December the compensation of board members prior to the organizational meeting in

order to avoid a conflict with the Ohio Revised Code. The ORC indicates that board members

cannot have a change in their compensation during his/her current term. In December – 1997

the Board approved increasing the compensation to $40 per meeting not to exceed 24

compensated meetings effective January 1, 2000.

Motion by: , second by: that the board

approve the other old business items as presented/amended.

Roll Call:

Wells _____ Bambauer _____ Bertke _____ Busse _____ Suchland _____

XI. Informational Items

A. Building Project Update


B. Schools Closed for Christmas Holidays

The New Bremen Schools will be closed for the Christmas Holidays beginning Wednesday,

December 23 through Friday, January 1. School will resume on Monday, January 4.

C. Current Superintendent Committee Appointments

Superintendent Committee Appointments for 2020

Tri Star Career Compact Advisory Bertke

Cardinal Pride Representative Bambauer

Athletic Council Representatives (2) Suchland/Busse

OSBA Legislative Liaison/Delegate: Bertke

NBTA Negotiations Committee (2) Wells/Busse

Village Annex/Abatement/CIC member Bertke

Finance Committee Representative Suchland

Buildings/Grounds Committee Rep (2) Bertke/Wells

Student Achievement Liaison (OSBA) Suchland

Technology Committee Rep Busse

Ag Advisory Committee Rep Bambauer

New Bremen Education Foundation Busse

Music Department Representative Bambauer

Community Vision Committee Wells

D. Addition of tutor/permanent sub using CARES Act money

E. Increase in RE Valuations

F. The Dianne Komminsk Center for Innovative Thinking

XII. Executive Session:

A. The Board or Superintendent may desire to adjourn to Executive Session for the express purpose

of discussing:

☐ Personnel

☐ Appointment or Evaluation ☐ Promotion

☐ Employment ☐ Demotion

☐ Dismissal ☐ Compensation

☐ Discipline ☐

☐ Property Purchase or Sale

☐ Conferences with an Attorney Involving Pending or Imminent Court Action

☐ Negotiations (Preparing, Conducting, or Reviewing)

☐ Matters Required to be Kept Confidential by Fed/State Law

☐ Security Arrangements

Investigation of Charges or Complaints

Against an Employee, Official, or Student


Motion by: ____________________, second by: ________________________ to adjourn to

executive session for the purpose checked above at _______ am/pm.

Roll Call:

Bambauer _____ Bertke _____ Busse _____ Suchland _____ Wells _____

B. Return To Regular Board Session:

Action Taken:

Motion: ______ Second: ______ Vote: ______ Time: ______

XIII. Other New Business to Be Considered By The Board:




XIV. Adjournment:

Action Taken:

Motion: ______ Second: ______ Vote: ______ Time: ______
New Bremen school board: 6 p.m., Dianne Komminsk Center for Innovative Thinking, 901 E. Monroe St., New Bremen.

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