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Here are today’s top stories from The Lima News for Monday, November 23.

A wife widowed before her 60th wedding anniversary. An 80th birthday spent alone in the hospital. A daughter saying goodbye to her mother via walkie-talkie. And a daughter waiting by the phone each day for updates on her father, who could spend Thanksgiving alone in the hospital as the coronavirus rips through families in Lima. We talked with four families who have been affected seriously by the virus. Read more.

It’s not just President-elect Joe Biden’s transition that’s under a microscope. President Donald Trump and his allies are harking back to his own transition four years ago to make a false argument that his own presidency was denied a fair chance for a clean launch. The comparisons are part of a broader attempt by Trump and his team to undermine the legitimacy of Biden’s election and his right to an orderly transition by unspooling mistruths about both this election season and Trump’s treatment four years ago. Read more.

Only four vehicles came out for what was billed as a Trump Motor Rally Sunday at the Walmart in Wapakoneta. Organizers blamed the weather for the poor turnout. The goal was to show the president they still supported him in the effort to overturn election results that are showing him losing to Joe Biden. Read more.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Fat Jack’s Pizza. Fat Jack’s Pizza dining rooms are now open at two locations, on Spencerville Road and on West Street in Lima, and carryout only at the Findlay Road location. Their combination subs are back, for only $5.75. Fat Jacks, celebrating 45 years as Limaland’s favorite pizza.

In Sports, Van Wert won its first state championship in football Sunday. The kicker scored a field goal with nine seconds left in the game to put them ahead. Read more.

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