Veteran LPD supervisor placed on paid leave

By J Swygart -

Lt. Andy Green speaks with the media in February 2019.

Lt. Andy Green speaks with the media in February 2019.

File photo | The Lima News

LIMA — A veteran lieutenant with the Lima Police Department has been placed on paid administrative leave for reasons left unspecified by his supervisors.

Andy Green, a 20-year veteran of the department, was notified of the action against him in a letter from LPD Major Angel Cortes dated Oct. 26. The letter makes no specific allegation against Green and only serves as what appears to be a formality in asking him to return his badge, identification card, keys and gun and to outline other expectations while an internal investigation is conducted.

Chief of Police Kevin Martin on Friday said he would not discuss the decision to place Green on administrative leave, saying only that some “complaints” had been lodged against the veteran police officer.

He did not say if those complaints came from the public or were internal.

According to his personnel file, Green was issued a written reprimand from Major James Baker, a supervisor within the LPD, in April for posting a photo on an Instagram account that was “received as negative towards detectives, and as it made its way around the detective bureau it generated a strong emotional response and was an unnecessary disturbance during a time when there are already heightened emotions because of the pandemic order.”

Green told his supervisors that he had no malicious intent in posting the photo and that he did not regret posting it. The written reprimand was listed as a Group II Offense, which covers “infractions which are more serious in nature and cause more serious and longer-lasting disruption” in terms of the department’s efficiency and morale.

“Lt. Green is a supervisor and should be aware that actions like this have a greater organizational impact because of his rank,” Baker wrote.

Kari Keener, human resources director for the City of Lima, said the LPD is conducting an internal fact-finding investigation into the allegations against Green.

“Once that is complete, we’ll see what it uncovers and go from there,” Keener said. “Our office will look at it and determine if further discipline is warranted.”

Green was hired by the LPD in July 1999 and quickly rose through the ranks of the department. In March 2015 he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. Throughout his career he has received numerous commendations and has received awards and plaudits from the department and from the public.

In late 2017, he spent three months taking part in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. That 11-week leadership training included 221 others who were among the finest law enforcement executives from across the globe. Academy participants represented 49 states and 20 countries.

Green oversees the LPD social media program.

Lt. Andy Green speaks with the media in February 2019. Andy Green speaks with the media in February 2019. File photo | The Lima News

By J Swygart

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