County closes road access for ODOT project

LIMA — The Allen County commissioners approved an Ohio Department of Transportation petition to close Cool Road on both sides of U.S. 30, as well as Mayberry Road on the south side, as part of the ODOT-led project to create a restricted crossing U-turn, or RCUT, at the intersection of U.S. 30 and Thayer Road.

“We did conduct a public involvement process that started back in July and included a 30-day comment period. Based on community feedback, changes were made to address concerns expressed by local residents and businesses. These changes will allow this important safety improvement to proceed while addressing the needs of the local community,” ODOT District Deputy Director Chris Hughes said.

To improve safety at the intersection, the right turn lanes will be offset to allow vehicles entering the highway longer sight-lines.

ODOT is now moving forward with the final design on the $2.1 million project. It is expected to be constructed in 2021.

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