W-G’s Valenti hopes to work with children

By Sam Shriver - sshriver@limanews.com

WAYNESFIELD — Claire Valenti, a 17-year-old at Waynesfield-Goshen High School, is keeping busy her senior year.

She’s run cross country and track and plays basketball.

On top of that she’s involved in both band and choir and she does musical and dinner theater at WG.

She’s undecided on what she wants to do after high school but has some ideas.

“I think I’m either going to do physical or occupational therapy or some kind of education,” Valenti said. “My cousin’s an occupational therapist and she gets to work with kids. I just thought it was kind of cool what she gets to do.”

Like every school in the area, Waynefield-Goshen had to deal with a distance learning model in the spring. It’s something that Valenti dealt with the best she could.

“Well, I mean, it wasn’t my favorite, but it was what we had so I had to make it work,” Valenti said.

Now, W-G is on a hybrid educational model where they go in-person four days a week and one day is set aside for remote online learning.

“I’m glad I get to see people now. It’s a lot better than being at home every day. I’d rather be here and see people most of the time, than not at all,” Valenti said.

Her experience as an athlete should help her later in life.

“Well I’ve learned to work with a team and it’s really taught me like, even if you’re not the best, you’re still appreciated and you’re still useful, no matter where you are, no matter what you do,” she said.

As for her creative side, Valenti enjoys musical dinner theater.

“My brother was in them a lot and it was just kind of something that may family was like, you can do that, so I did it, I guess,” Valenti said.

In the band, she plays tenor saxophone.

“No one else does that so I get to do my own thing,” she said.

Valenti says she’s enjoyed her time going to Waynesfield-Goshen.

“I like that everyone knows my name and that all the teachers know who I am and know more than just my name. They know who my parents are. They know where I come from and so I think it’s easier for them to teach me when they know more about me than just my face,” Valenti said.


By Sam Shriver


Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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