Couples file for marriage licenses in Allen County

LIMA — The following individuals recently filed applications for marriage licenses in Allen County Probate Court:

Shane Stratton of Bluffton and Sarah Allen of Harrod; Cody Bryer and Tori Halcomb, both of Bluffton; Bruce Van Schoyck and Kimberly Brenneman, both of Elida; Mario Jackson and Tanica Lenz, both of Lima; Travis Binkley and Jeanette Donavan, both of Lima; Mitchell Ault and Lauren Parkins, both of Bluffton; Samuel Hall and Lea Hamilton, both of Lima; Scott Burden and Rosemeka Williams, both of Lima; Michael Miller of Louisville, Ky., and Rachel Moser of Columbus Grove; Richard Diroll of Lima and Raelene Howard of Wapakoneta; Norman Gleich and Malonna Martin, both of Lima; John Morman and Hanna Smith, both of Lima; Thomas Pomaville and Kortini Rooker, both of Elida; Calvin Foster Sr. and Stephanie Stephens, both of Lima; Ronald Fuller and Cara Winters, both of Lima; Michael Camper and Taylor Phillips, both of Lima; Brandon Daniels of Ada and Ashley Wilkins of Lima; Derick Smith and Taylor Long, both of Harrod; Trevor Satterfield II and Natasha Long, both of Lima; Bryan Ferris and Brittany Smith, both of Lima; and Benjamin Rowe and Ashley Deeds, both of Lima; Kyle Mack and Jessica Troyer, both of Elida; John Martens and Ashley Howe, both of Lima; Samuel Brumett and Samantha Kramer, both of Delphos; Zachary Burden and Briana Steegman, both of Lima; John Martinez and Jamie Stauffer, both of Lima; Wilford Glaze Jr. and Debra VanCamp, both of Elida; Jeremy Shuler and Alexis Boyd, both of Lima; Vaugh Katterheinrich of Lima and Verne Edwards of Findlay; David Grant and Asya Slygh, both of Lima; Donald Goston Jr. and Ashlyn Golden, both of Lima; Kyle Jackson and Lori Cole, both of Lima; Darrell Clay and Madison Norris, both of Ada; Arimis Jeffers and Michelle Carroll, both of Lima; Angelo Lombardo and Alexis Long, both of Lima; Zachary Bockey and Renee Kraner, both of Spencerville; Dakota Hollar of Cairo and Alishia Miller of Harrod; Leonard Folz Jr. and Angela McDonald, both of Lima; Joel Anderson and Adelynn McCune, both of Spencerville; and Isaiah Alves and Trista Snider, both of Lima.

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