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Here are today’s top stories from The Lima News for Sunday, October 11.

Dude, where’s my car? In the upside-down year that is 2020, more Allen County residents have asked that question this year than at any time in recent memory. Motor vehicle thefts in Allen County are on pace to obliterate numbers from previous years, according to officials with the Lima Police Department and Allen County Sheriff’s Office. There have been 111 reports of stolen cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles logged with those agencies through the first nine months of the year. Read more.

In the fourth district race for Congress, longtime seat holder Jim Jordan has two challengers this year. Shannon Freshour is running on the Democratic ticket, and Steve Perkins is the Libertarian candidate. Read more.

Hurricane Delta blew through besieged southern Louisiana Friday evening. Residents are faced with cleaning up again. A storm just went through the same area in August. Read more.

More than a dozen people learned more about Allen County’s history by visiting the graves of some of the movers and shakers of the county’s past. The tour of Woodlawn Cemetery was organized by Downtown Lima Inc. Read more.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Fat Jack’s Pizza. Fat Jack’s Pizza dining rooms are now open at two locations, on Spencerville Road and on West Street in Lima, and carryout only at the Findlay Road location. Their combination subs are back, for only $5.75. Fat Jacks, celebrating 45 years as Limaland’s favorite pizza.

Opiate overdoses were on the decline in Allen County. But a rise in relapses and the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic threatens to disrupt years of work and reignite an epidemic that had finally taken a turn for the better. Read more.

In Lifestyle, check out our guide to trick or treat and other related events. Read more.

In Sports, the Bath Wildcats stopped Swanton 37 to nothing in the Division 5 opening round of the high school football playoffs. Read more.

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