Labor Day rains open small hole on Grand

LIMA — Heavy rains on Labor Day revealed a small hole on Grand Avenue that’s part of a larger city-led initiative to update the city’s sewer system.

Utilities Director Mike Caprella said the city checked up on the problem after receiving reports from citizens about a potential sinkhole, but he dismissed concerns because it is a part of work currently being done in the area to prep it for a larger project. The city also took steps to better mark the hole with barricades to eliminate any chance injury from passersby.

Currently, the city is aiming to begin Phase 2 of its sewer rehabilitation project, Caprella said, which will reline 2,570 linear feet of a 78-inch diameter sewer that sits under Grand, Woodward and Delphos avenues. The project is expected to cost $4.7 million.

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