Mom is as cute as a dumpling

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The tapestry of pork dumplings on Calvin Shea’s Instagram feed has been popular in quarantine. But not nearly as popular as his 80-year-old mom, Shirley.

“OMG, she is so cute!” one commenter wrote this summer on @calvindumplings, an account with 14,000 followers that consists entirely of Calvin and Shirley cooking dumplings at home in Fort Lauderdale. “My mornings are better seeing her do her thing,” another commenter wrote in June.

When Calvin, 48, created the account in March, in the stifling boredom of self-quarantine, he wanted to celebrate his mom and bond over a savory dish they hadn’t cooked together for 30-plus years: homemade dumplings. For Shirley’s safety in the pandemic, Calvin and his mom have stayed together since February.

For eight to 10 hours every day, Calvin and Shirley stand side-by-side at their kitchen island, making 1,000 dumplings a week from scratch. Customers submit orders over Instagram. Calvin doesn’t deliver but offers curbside pickup at his home. He currently sells four flavors in vacuum-sealed frozen 12-packs: $15 for pork, $16 for chicken, $22 for shrimp, $26 for jalapeño-scallion.

“When I make dumplings and you eat them and feel happy, I enjoy that,” says Shirley.

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