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Here are today’s top stories from The Lima News for Sunday, August 30.

Many school budgets from the last fiscal year were affected when education switched to a remote learning model. Getting students back in the classroom safely saw schools purchasing masks, hand sanitizer, disinfectant and plastic barriers. Now comes the harder part for many districts — dealing with the long-term effect. It is forcing school districts to become leaner, and in some cases, eliminate positions or not fill them when someone retires. Read more.

Hurricane Laura’s touchdown Thursday near the country’s hub of off-shore crude oil production has created market opportunities for the more local segments of the oil industry. The shutdown of Louisiana’s coast has allowed some producers in regions far away from the hurricane’s impact to move it more effectively. The end result is refineries throughout the Midwest can sell more oil products to where they’re needed. Read more.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Fat Jack’s Pizza. Fat Jack’s Pizza dining rooms are now open at two locations, on Spencerville Road and on West Street in Lima, and carryout only at the Findlay Road location. Their combination subs are back, for only $5.75. Fat Jacks, celebrating 45 years as Limaland’s favorite pizza.

The arrival of a new flu season amid the coronavirus pandemic threatens to strain hospitals and COVID-19 testing systems at a time when little is known about co-infection of influenza and COVID-19. But the precautionary measures meant to stem the coronavirus pandemic combined with more people using the flu vaccine could yield a relatively mild flu season — if Americans continue to practice social distancing, face masking and frequent hand washing. Read more.

In Lifestyle, learn about the Fort Amanda Canoe Livery. It was founded in 1978 by Shawnee graduates. The livery offers canoe and kayak trips ranging from 5 to 15 miles down the Auglaize River for guests of all ages and groups of all sizes. Read more.

In Sports, check out a cross country invitational in the region and how area teams did. Read more.

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