Youth Profile: Lima Senior’s Jones learns from Youth in Government experience

By Sam Shriver -

LIMA — Seth Jones, a 16-year-old senior at Lima Senior High School, is hoping his experience here will translate into an international finance career.

Jones wants to attend UC Berkeley in California after he graduates high school.

“I want to do work across the world be able to travel and put my math skills to use and also maybe eventually go into law with that to help people who have been scammed by big companies,” Jones said.

He’s been inspired by his experience with the Youth in Government program, where he was elected governor.

“We have a state conference in March and in April, at the statehouse, in Columbus and each person — they can either write a bill and have that voted on and you go through committee and you go on the floor, your bills passed, or you can also be part of the judicial system, be a judge or an attorney. You can also run for positions in the executive branch,” Jones said.

Jones says he’s learned a lot from the experience.

“I’ve learned that hearing from people and listening to what they have to say really has an impact on them. I think that if we can do that, we can become a whole lot more aware of others and what they believe. I think we can have our views expanded and have a bigger appreciation for other cultures by doing so,” Jones said.

He’s already picked up some college-level courses at The Ohio State University-Lima through the College Credit Plus program.

“I’m actually graduating early, so I went there full-time my sophomore year as well, and I will be (going) my senior year as well,” Jones said.

Jones recounts his experience in the spring when they had to pivot to online learning as mostly positive.

“I enjoyed it. I thought it may not have been the most ideal, but I do think they made the best of what they had. I still thought I could learn effectively through there,” Jones said.

His experience with the Youth in Government program was virtual due to the early beginnings of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had to have our elections virtually, which usually they’re held in person,” Jones said. “So you get to hear and talk to people more. When we held our elections, we had a few weeks to say we were running, and then we got to talk to people through emails, messaging them on Instagram, Facebook, that type of thing, to hear what they had to say, what they thought, what they wanted for our club. I thought it was an interesting thing since it was the first time that’s ever been done.”

Besides Youth in Government, Jones is active in Quiz Bowl, Jazz Band and the STEM club.

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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