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Here are today’s top stories from The Lima News for Sunday, Aug. 9.

Ford officials sent a letter to employees lamenting systemic racism and the death of George Floyd. The executives promised company-wide dialogues “to understand how people are feeling and discuss how we can get better together.” The company is now planning a global audit of its hourly and salaried workers to measure attitudes on diversity and racism. Similar efforts are underway at the Lima Engine Plant, a spokesperson for Ford told The Lima News via email, including regular meetings between plant leaders and groups of employees, as well as plant walk-throughs designed to identify concerns and training for employees to be more involved when they notice issues. Read more.

Today’s podcast is sponsored by Fat Jack’s Pizza. Fat Jack’s Pizza dining rooms are now open at two locations, on Spencerville Road and on West Street in Lima, and carryout only at the Findlay Road location. Their combination subs are back, for only $5.75. Fat Jacks, celebrating 45 years as Limaland’s favorite pizza.

Lima’s housing problems aren’t new nor unique. Since the shrinking of the industrial sector started in the 1980s, cities across the Rust Belt have all dealt with urban blight in one form of another. Lima’s housing options have only worsened due to a general lack of investment and a market that encourages landlords to scoop up cheap housing for a quick return. Read more.

Summer Family Day was held at the Quarry Farm near Pandora on Saturday. It gives the public a chance to check out a variety of wildlife and learn more about conservation efforts. Read more.

In Lifestyle, sunflower fields have become an area attraction for both attraction and necessity. The local fields can be explored at SchoolHouse Farm, JK Orchard and Farm, Kellogg Farms and Lauer Historical Farm. Read more.

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