Youth Profile: Shawnee’s Shenouda ready to help people through medicine

By Sam Shriver -

SHAWNEE TOWNSHIP — Marina Shenouda, an 18-year-old recent graduate of Shawnee High School, is preparing for college in the fall.

The class valedictorian is blazing her path into the medical field.

“I have a passion for medicine and volunteering. I’m looking to study at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, with a major in biology and a co-major in pre-medical studies,” Shenouda said.

Over the past five years, she’s spent her summers at Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center.

“I get to see a lot of happiness and joy, anything from the smiling and laughing families that are welcoming a newborn into their lives to the discharge of a patient and all the joys that come with a successful operation, but I’ve also experienced the rough side of medicine. I’ve had some very close friends and family members that have gone through some tragic diagnoses and had some idiopathic conditions, and that’s really where my passion developed,” Shenouda said.

Shenouda says she wants to “give hope to those who don’t have very much.”

“I really got interested in diseases and conditions that we don’t really have a cure for — an answer for — and I’m really looking forward to getting involved in research over my education career coming up in the future at Miami,” Shenouda said.

She says she’s inspired by her mother, who is an ophthalmologist.

“Her field is really interesting, and she gets to help people with sight, one of the most important senses of the human body. I know she has really inspired me not only as a woman in medicine but as a physician to go for my dreams, and she supported me 100%,” Shenouda said.

With all of the attention that front line healthcare workers are getting during the COVID-19 pandemic, Shenouda believes she’s made the right choice for a career.

“I think it’s only made me even more excited. Obviously, not because of the tragedy that we’ve been facing, but just because of the spotlight that’s been put on the healthcare industry,” she said. “People are realizing just how important it is and how influential it is, and I know many people are being affected by it (COVID-19) and being able to have influenced and being able to show people that medicine isn’t just a science-based field.

“It’s really a field where you get to form relationships — long-lasting relationships — and help people not only physically but mentally and emotionally and guide them through a part of their life where it might not be the happiest, but in the end, can hopefully be something that they appreciated you for in the end.”

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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