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By Merri Hanjora -

ELIDA — Clinton Sybert, of Elida, purchased this 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback in 1976.

“So I’ve had it for a while. I got rid of a 1956 Ford and updated to this,” said Sybert.

He brought it to the Buffalo Wild Wing Cruise-In, held on Monday night at the restaurant on Allentown Road.

“I’m more of a cruise-in guy. A lot of things aren’t original,” said Sybert.

One thing that is original is the paint color.

“I had it repainted to take it back to the original color. It’s painted Candy Apple Red, a color Ford had back then,” said Sybert.

Ford’s 1967 Ford Mustang featured a separate Fastback model. This model was larger than the standard Mustang. Ford was feeling pressured to compete with Chevy’s Camaro at this time. The Fastback model flexed muscle with the body of the car as well as the engine. The ‘67 Mustang featured a big block engine, a 390 cubic inch V-8.

Sybert’s car features the 390 engine and is a five speed.

“This was the first year for the 390 engine and first year for a Fastback,” said Sybert.

By Merri Hanjora

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