Allen County commissioners won’t join Lima committee

By Staff Reports -



LIMA — The Allen County Board of Commissioners don’t appear interested in reviving Lima’s Human Resources Commission, a city body that disbanded in the 1970s when the commission was unable to secure subpoena powers to investigate discrimination claims.

Commissioner Greg Sneary on Thursday said Allen County will not participate in the endeavor after Lima council, the Lima African American Chamber of Commerce and Mayor David Berger called to revive the commission, citing the mass protests against racism and police brutality.

“Let me begin by saying the city of Lima is one of the many important political subdivisions in Allen County,” Sneary said. “All of them are equally important. The Ohio Revised Code details and dictates actions and responsibilities we do as county commissioners of Allen County. Inside the city of Lima, it clearly is not our responsibility per the Ohio Revised Code, and as such we will not be participating in this endeavor. And likewise, the city doesn’t operate within county operations.”


By Staff Reports

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