Rigid plastic company en route to Lima to provide 51 jobs

By Josh Ellerbrock - jellerbrock@limanews.com

LIMA — Logoplaste, an international plastic packaging company, has plans to create a $35 million facility on roughly 16-acres on Commerce Parkway just south of Lima and bring 51 jobs to the area by 2024.

Allen Economic Development Group’s Director of Business Development Cindy Leis said out of all the sites in the state looked at by the company, Lima’s site just south of I-75 literally ranked as the best place for an expansion for the company.

“These attraction projects don’t come along every day. This one in particular happened to be perfect,” Leis said.

The new 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility to be developed by Logoplaste will initially add 37 jobs to the local economy thereby bringing $2 million in payroll to the region. The number of jobs is expected to grow to 51 in three years.

Originally founded in Portugal in 1976, Logoplaste manufactures “rigid plastic packaging solutions” in its 64 plants by using a “wall-to-wall” business concept that better correlates production with customer demand in order to increase overall sustainability of its plastic products.

Leis said other sites in Ohio were also vying for the company to establish a presence. To help secure Lima’s bid, AEDG has also been coordinating a tax abatement for the international company.

Monday night, Lima City Council approved the abatement that would decrease local taxes by 75% over a 10-year-period paid on any new construction efforts by Logoplaste. Trustees from Perry Township, where the plant will be located, also approved the abatement June 2. The last step for final tax abatement approval will require a sign-off by the Allen County Commissioners, who are scheduled to vote on the abatement Thursday morning.

Leis said the future facility will be located just west of Bob Evans Farms on Commerce Parkway. The lot — certified by American Electric Power as site-ready for the food and beverage industry — still needs to be split in order to provide the roughly 16 acres necessary for the project. The City Planning Commission plans to consider the move during a Wednesday afternoon meeting.

“We received substantial amount of support for this project — from the schools, to the township, to the city, to the county — we received a lot of cooperation,” Leis said. “I can’t say enough about how everybody came together.”

By Josh Ellerbrock


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