Ottoville’s Horstman scores perfect on ACT — twice!

By Sam Shriver -

OTTOVILLE — Ben Horstman, 17, a soon-to-be senior at Ottoville High School scored the maximum score on the ACT test last year, that’s the highest overall score you could get, but he wanted to do better and took the test again.

“I got a 36 actually last summer when I took the ACT at the end of my sophomore year, and then I retook it this spring since the school offers a free one to juniors and I got a 36 in all categories, which I hadn’t done the first time,” Horstman said.

Studying comes pretty easy for Horstman, who is still a bit surprised by his test-taking aptitude.

“It’s still a little bit unreal. I never expected I would get that kind of a score. I’m obviously very happy that I did and I’m grateful to everybody that’s helped me out along the way,” Horstman said.

Both of Horstman’s parents are teachers who helped him study.

Horstman’s junior year was filled with change as schools switched to remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It was definitely a unique experience. It was kind of interesting to be able to work from home. We got a lot more freedom to do things at our own pace. Most assignments became bigger assignments that were due over a greater period of time,” Horstman said.

Keeping motivated was also a challenge.

“It took a little extra work to keep myself motivated since there wasn’t anybody telling me, ‘Hey, you got to do this,’ but I’ve gotten pretty good at that so by the end I had it. I had a pretty good system worked out,” Horstman said.

Horstman has his eyes set on his senior year and even further.

“I’m planning to go to college and major in computer science. I don’t know for sure where, but I’m thinking somewhere like Ohio State or Case Western Reserve in Cleveland,” Horstman said. “I’ve always been interested in computers and technology. I took a course last year that was an engineering electronics and coding and it let me get a little bit more experience in the fields of computer programming and designing different systems. I really enjoyed doing that.”

He has big goals for after college.

“I think I’d be interesting in working through someplace like Google or Amazon, one of the bigger companies as a programmer,” Horstman said.

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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