St. Rita’s testing staff ahead of elective surgeries

Staff reports

LIMA — Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center is testing nurses, surgeons, physicians and other providers who work procedural rooms as the hospital resumes elective surgeries.

Hospital representatives hope that testing procedural room staff and patients for COVID-19 prior to surgery will give patients peace of mind as they consider rescheduling elective procedures that were put on hold in March.

“We went through quite a time where we encouraged people to stay home and to monitor at home. And we went through a process of delaying elective procedures,” said Dr. Matt Owens, chief clinical officer for Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center. “Now we realize that some of our patients would be nervous about the potential of coming back to the hospital. I think first and foremost they wonder, is it safe? Am I going to get COVID-19 at the hospital?”

The first round of testing for elective procedural staff started last week, Owens said. Those staffers are now going through another round of testing to obtain a second negative test result.

Staff reports

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