Health department reviews new guidelines with employers

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LIMA — Allen County Public Health has received nearly 250 complaints from workers, customers and passersby regarding businesses and other gatherings since Ohio’s stay-at-home order took effect in March.

Tami Gough, director of prevention and health promotion services for Allen County Public Health, shared those statistics and reviewed Ohio’s new guidelines for employers during a call with the Lima/Allen County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday.

Gough explained that the health department’s enforcement approach focuses on education, allowing employers to explain their policies, any corrective actions they are taking and complications they may have in complying with the state’s guidelines.

As businesses reopen in May, employees are now required to wear face coverings in the workplace unless they are working alone.

There are some exceptions, such as for employees who have asthma or who have health conditions that may be worsened by wearing a mask. And if a workplace is too hot for a mask to be practical or there are other safety concerns, employees may not be required to wear one.

Employees must also conduct a daily health assessment, but employers are not required to take temparatures at the door.

While DeWine backed down from his original order requiring customers to wear masks, employers are still allowed to set their own policies for patrons. Businesses are also encouraged to operate at 50% capacity to make social distancing easier.

Staff reports

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