Putnam County court records

Putnam County Common Pleas Court

April 21

David J. Cole, 48, 409 W. Main St., Leipsic, was denied a request asking to withdraw his guilty plea and a motion to revoke supervision was scheduled for 10 a.m. May 8. Cole, charged on a probation violation, had written several letters to the court expressing dissatisfaction with his attorney and stated he had consumed alcohol just prior to his guilty plea last fall. His request for a new attorney was granted as well as a hearing to consider the plea withdrawal. According to court records, the court asked Cole at the plea hearing if he was under the influence of alcohol or taking any medication that could affect his ability to understand the proceedings and he stated no. On Dec. 16, Cole was sentenced to community control and ordered to complete the WORTH Center program. Cole was given an opportunity to speak at that hearing and he remained silent.

“The allegations presented in the motion do not rise to a level to justify a hearing on the motion to withdraw the guilty plea let alone to withdraw the plea itself,” the court record stated.

Last fall, Cole was sentenced to two years community control and was serving one month for failure to comply with a police officer charge when he walked away from a work-release detail in Leipsic. Cole was missing for about five days last September before being taken back into custody and was charged with felony escape.

New Cases

Deana J. Boecker, Ottawa, v. Nick A. Boecker, Ottawa; divorce with children.

Marie Ford, Miller City, v. Justin Ford, Ottawa; complaint for support.

Eric J. Guerra, Leipsic, v. Taylor M. Guerra, Leipsic; divorce with children.

Huntington National Bank, Columbus, v. Christopher J. Powell, Parma, Robin Powell, Parma, Anthony E. Powell, Sylvania, and Tanya Powell, Sylvania; foreclosure.

Traci Rue, Continental, v. Matthew A. Rue, Continental; support.

Putnam County Municipal Court dispositions

April 12

Nicholas A. Okuley, 26, 12508 Road G, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to drug abuse/possession. Sentence: $150 fine.

April 14

Michael L. Schoeff, Jr., 22, 1350 N. Locust St., Apt. 612, Ottawa, pleaded no contest to drug paraphernalia and was found guilty. Sentence: $150 fine.

April 16

Anthony W. McMillen, 34, 1620 E. Main St., Apt. 4, Ottawa, pleaded guilty to OVI. Sentence: 180 days jail, 177 days suspended, $750 fine, $375 suspended, one-year license suspension, with credit for three days jail upon completion of DIP. A charge of failure to control was dismissed.

April 17

Gerald R. Free, 56, 151 E. Canal St., Ottoville, pleaded guilty to second offense OVI. Six points, 180 days jail, 164 days suspended, $1,000 fine, $400 suspended, three-year license suspension, complete drug and alcohol assessment with credit for six days credit for completion of DIP. Charges of license suspension and lanes of travel were dismissed.

April 20

Alex W. Siefer, 18, 105 N. Broad St., Kalida, pleaded guilty to underage consumption. Sentence: 180 days jail, 177 days suspended, $375 fine, and complete alcohol and drug assessment with credit for three days jail upon completion of DIP. Charges of OVI and two lights required were dismissed.

Steven S. Siler, 27, 2438 Jamestown Drive, Northwood, pleaded guilty to aggravated menacing. Sentence: 180 days jail, 177 days suspended, $150 fine, and complete a mental health assessment with credit for three days jail upon completion of DIP. A charge of domestic violence was dismissed.

Julian Hinojosa, 24, 316 Wilhelm St., Holgate, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of persistent disorderly conduct. Sentence: 30 days jail, $50 fine. He also admitted to violating the terms of probation. Sentence: 29 days jail, 138 days remains suspended, probation extended one year, obtain mental health assessment, sentence to be served concurrent. A charge of driving under suspension was dismissed.

April 21

Artemio J. Jimenez, 21, 195 Main St., Leipsic, pleaded guilty to unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. Sentence: 180 days jail, pay restitution of $3,589.71 with credit for time served since April 14.


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