USW turns down Husky contract

Staff reports

LIMA — United Steelworkers Local 624 turned down a contract offer from Husky Energy late Wednesday night.

Union President Michael Edelbrock said its 220 members will stay on the job for now as they wait to hear back from the company.

“We’re not that point,” Edelbrock said. “Our position is we want to get an agreement.”

The contract expired at midnight April 14 but has been extended on a 24-hour rolling basis to allow the two parties additional time to reach an agreement. The union may vote to accept a new contract or go on strike at any time if negotiations break down.

Edelbrock told The Lima News the union was focused on working conditions, wages and other issues at the refinery.

Husky Lima workers have not gone on strike since 2012, when the union protested working conditions and safety issues at the refinery as Husky sought greater flexibility and lower pay for new employees and workers in training.

The 2012 strike lasted about four months.

Staff reports

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