Grand jury frees St. Marys woman charged with killing husband

By Tara Jones -

Stephanie Sweigart

Stephanie Sweigart


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ST. MARYS — Despite admitting to shooting her husband on a 911 call, a St. Marys woman has been released.

Stephanie Sweigart was charged with the murder of her husband, 36-year-old Wesley Sweigart, following an incident at their home that was reported at 3:32 a.m. Feb. 8 that she called in.

“My husband just was beating me — I just killed him,” said Stephanie Sweigart in the 911 audio provided to The Lima News.

“He was beating me, he was gonna kill me. He had a knife,” she continued. “He’s dead, he’s in the closet.”

Stephanie Sweigart explained on the call she retrieved a gun from the other side of the room and shot him.

“You shot him?” the dispatcher asked, to which Stephanie replied, “I did.”

Wesley Sweigart was found deceased on the scene.

Friday afternoon, the Auglaize County Sheriff Allen F. Solomon and Prosecutor Edwin A. Pierce announced the Auglaize County Grand Jury heard the investigation and declined to return an indictment.

Stephanie’s attorney Seneca Konturas, based in Aurora, Ohio, said it was clear his client was acting in self-defense, which made the process move quickly.

“Obviously everyone believes this was the proper outcome, and I give credit to everyone involved in really kind of parceling this into its pieces to show it was just a horrible tragedy,” Konturas explained Friday on a call with The Lima News. “It was unusually quick to have a verdict from a grand jury just six days after happening … but it was unique in it was very clear from the start how this played out.”

Stephanie Sweigart made her first court appearance on Monday via video from the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office, where a $250,000 bond was set. The bond was posted on her behalf, and she was released Thursday.

“If you listen to that story, that (911) call and the series of events on that call, it’s exactly how everything played out,” Konturas said. “The evidence was there throughout the scene, in the investigation and in the witnesses that law enforcement spoke with. There was no contradictory information or evidence. Usually there’s three sides to every story — yours, mine and the truth — but here everyone had the same story.”

Auglaize County Prosecutor Edwin A. Pierce could not be reached for comment Friday afternoon.

Stephanie Sweigart Sweigart

By Tara Jones


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