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By Sam Shriver -

HARROD —At 6-foot-4, 294 pounds, Brennan Davies, 17, is ready for his life after high school.

Recently, the senior at Allen East High School announced plans to join the University of Findlay football team.

In high school, he played left offensive tackle and left defensive tackle. He also was a successful wrestler.

Davies is looking at going into the medical field, specifically to train as a physician assistant.

“Well, my mother is the chair of anatomy and neuroscience at the University of Findlay,” said Davies. “Her brother, my uncle is a biomedical engineer at Purdue University, so I’ve kind of been shown that path from an early age.

“Physician assisting is something that my mom has always pushed for me to do because I said early on that I wanted to be a surgeon, but she said with the training involved and the years of experience you have to have to actually be a successful surgeon, she’s like, you’re better off following the PA path because you don’t have to go to school for as long and you get to do most of the same things that the higher trained medical professionals do. It’s a massively growing field.”

Davies believes his commitment to sports will help him in his medical career.

“The task of being held accountable for what you do and being responsible with your time management and how you present yourself and how you show leadership,” he explained.

Davies is pleased with his academic experience at Allen East.

“I transferred over from Bluffton, my eighth-grade year. I love the people. I love the teachers. I love the community. I feel like there’s a really, really close-knit camaraderie that a lot of people have here and there’s a different culture because you have a lot of kids out here that grew up here. A lot of them grew up on farms and stuff like that so they have a different way of carrying themselves. They carry themselves with a lot more pride, and they’re much more steadfast in what they believe,” he said.
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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