Latest NDAA earmarks $2 billion for JSMC

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LIMA — The Joint Systems Manufacturing Center could see more than $2 billion in funding in fiscal year 2020 with the anticipated approval of the National Defense Authorization Act.

A recent House-Senate NDAA conference report secured more than $1.7 billion for Abrams tank upgrades, along with $394 million for Stryker vehicle upgrades and $523 million to purchase 152 Stryker A1 vehicles, according to an overview of the bill from Sen. Rob Portman’s office.

The latest version of the NDAA calls for $738 billion in defense funding.

Ohio Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown, as well as U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Urbana), have visited the JSMC in 2019 as they worked to secure funding for the JSMC in the NDAA.

While both chambers are expected to pass the NDAA soon, funds still need to be appropriated.

“This increased funding will ensure that more tanks are upgraded at Lima and get to our forward deployed soldiers,” Portman stated Wednesday. “This is a significant improvement when not long ago the workforce was only funded for one tank per month. This is important for our armored formations and for Lima and its irreplaceable workforce.”

“I am also pleased the NDAA conference report will increase funding for producing Stryker A1 vehicles and upgrading older vehicles to the A1 standard. This authorization will help provide long-term stability to the industrial base and ensure our soldiers are rapidly provided with the most capable and survivable vehicle coming off the line.”

Likewise, Brown pledged to continue working to secure funding for the JSMC.

“The men and women at the JSMC perform critical work to increase the survivability and lethality of the vehicles our troops use throughout the world,” Brown stated Wednesday. “Abrams and Stryker vehicles have proven highly capable time and time again. I’ve seen JSMC’s workforce firsthand and will make sure funding continues to expand production at the facility.”

Staff reports

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