Council hears about snow plowing concerns

Some motorists could be fined and have their vehicles towed if they don’t comply

By Sam Shriver -

LIMA — A recent snowfall in Lima is prompting city officials to remind the public about the need to help plow crews out this winter.

At Monday night’s city council meeting, Public Works Director Howard Elstro discussed several actions that need to be taken to assist with snow removal.

“We’ve been doing a post-season evaluation over the past summer months, and we have several recommendations for the community,” said Elstro. “Some of these are voluntary actions that residents can take. Some of them are actually in the codified ordinance. The voluntary efforts include trying to move your vehicle off the street.”

After every 4- inch snowfall, a snow advisory will be issued alerting the public of the requirement of parking on alternate sides of the street concurrent with the numerical calendar date. For example, drivers can park on the even side of the street on even-numbered calendar days, on the odd side of the street on odd-numbered calendar days.

“The problem that we have is that in certain neighborhoods, the streets are more narrow than others. When the streets become too narrow, and we have persistent snows, traffic along the curb line continues to park out towards the center of the street and at some point, our snowplows cannot access that street whatsoever,” said Elstro.

Residents of several narrow streets that are typically difficult to plow will be mailed an advisory of the intended enforcement actions, various parking requirements and advised that non-compliance will result in a fine, removal or impoundment of the vehicle.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for the Alert Allen County service which is sponsored by the Allen County Emergency Management Agency which can be accessed through the city website.

In other business, city council passed an ordinance awarding a contract to Blausey Truck Service & Excavating to make much-needed improvements to the bowl area of Faurot Park.

“Because of the lack of good draining there, the area of Faurot Park, which we’ve referred to as the bowl area, has ball diamonds. This year, and a couple of years back, we weren’t able to use those fields very much because of persistent flooding. Our engineering group has taken a look at the situation and studied it. We believe that the flooding can, by and large, be corrected by installing a check valve as well as storm draining,” said Elstro.
Some motorists could be fined and have their vehicles towed if they don’t comply

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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