Allen County 2019 November election results

Delphos Auditor

Adam J. Kayser `503

Delphos Law Director

Andrew D. Knueve (R)`504

Delphos Mayor

Doug Mullenhour `492

Delphos Council At Large (3 elected)

Joshua Bayliff `393

Joseph Dray `346

Scott Wiltsie (WI) `36

Delphos Council President

Nichole Coil (WI) `59

Lima Council President

Josiah Mathews (WD) `1,094

John G. Nixon `1,965

Lima 2nd Ward Council

Sam McLean `226

Tony Wilkerson `378

Lima 4th Ward Council

Peggy A. Ehora `565

Rebecca Ruth Kreher `314

Lima 6th Ward Council

Derry L. Glenn `268

Cleven Jones `207

Beaverdam Mayor

Pamela S. LePine `46

Beaverdam Council (2 elected)

Franklin L. Gillette Jr. `48

Bluffton Mayor

Richard L. Johnson (R) `578

Bluffton Council (2 elected)

Joseph W. Sehlhorst `581

Benjamin Stahl `505

Cairo Mayor

Todd G. Wilkin Jr. `78

Cairo Council (2 elected)

No candidates filed

Elida Mayor

Kim M. Hardy `161

Claude R. Paxton`214

Elida Council (2 elected)

Jon Toby Jenkins `339

Harrod Mayor

Tony Blake `67

Harrod Board of Public Affairs

No candidates filed

Harrod Council (2 elected)

Andrew J. Caprella`56

Lafayette Mayor

No candidate filed

Lafayette Council (2 elected)

Matthew C. Hager `56

Jeff McVicker `44

Spencerville Mayor

Phil Briggs `160

Spencerville Clerk-Treasurer

No candidate filed

Spencerville Council (2 elected)

Write-in total `46

Amanda Township Fiscal Officer

Brenda L. Core `164

Amanda Township Trustee

Brad J. Core `166

American Township Fiscal Officer

Brady M. Overholt `1,496

American Township Trustee

Larry K. Vandemark `1,510

Auglaize Township Fiscal Officer

Melissa R. Marshall `395

Auglaize Township Trustee

Joe Fetter `112

Rusty Winegardner `328

Bath Township Fiscal Officer

Lisa Cogley `1,040

Bath Township Trustee

William F. Degen `1,044

Jackson Township Fiscal Officer

Brandt C. Miller `492

Jackson Township Trustee

Tommy Agler `205

James I. Shilling `345

Marion Township Fiscal Officer

Robert C. Kimmet `940

Marion Township Trustee

Jerry A. Gilden `960

Monroe Township Fiscal Officer

Amy S. Stechschulte `286

Monroe Township Trustee

Jon E. Basinger `287

Perry Township Fiscal Officer

Natalie M. Scott `273

Perry Township Trustee

Kevin W. Cox `274

Richland Township Fiscal Officer

Trisha Nieman `486

Neil J. Reichenbach (WI) `477

Richland Township Trustee

Donald K. Brauen `959

Shawnee Township Fiscal Officer

John C. Newland `1,500

Shawnee Township Trustee

Russell E. Holly `1,068

Chris Seddelmeyer `688

Spencer Township Fiscal Officer

Kathy Keller `254

Spencer Township Trustee

Rick Keller `265

Sugar Creek Township Fiscal Officer

Edward J. Barnhart `134

Sugar Creek Township Trustee

W. Wayne Williams `135

Allen County ESC board (2 elected)

Ann Best `6,384

Auglaize County ESC board, unexpired term (overlap)

No candidates filed

Auglaize County ESC board (overlap) (3 elected)

David Shephard `0

Putnam County ESC board (overlap) (2 elected)

William Goecke `59

Marilyn M. Weber `67

Allen East school board (2 elected)

Kevin L. Dues `749

Geri Ewing `658

Bath school board (3 elected)

Michael C. Armentrout `739

Rob Foley `727

Timothy McKinney `596

Jackie Place `926

Phil White `545

Bluffton school board (2 elected)

Lawrence Hoffman (WI) `218

Jeremy Scoles `951

Columbus Grove school board (overlap) (3 elected)

Brad Brubaker `62

Brent Stechschulte `57

Derek Vance `55

Delphos school board, unexpired term

Jason A. Grogg `654

Edward M. Weilacher `259

Delphos school board (2 elected)

Erika Illig `477

Tony Wiechart `535

Jamey Wisher `542

Elida school board (2 elected)

Pat Schymanski `1,402

Brenda Stocker `1,550

Lima school board (3 elected)

Sandra J. Monfort `1,958

Maralee Sullivan `1,010

Sally Windle (WI) `89

Pandora-Gilboa school board (overlap) (3 elected)

Angie Basinger `17

Brandy Rose Hovest `2

Marcia Sue Hovest `1

Vance Nofziger `5

Jill Torres `12

Richard Wahl `7

Vanessa Wilson `4

Perry school board (3 elected)

Yvonne E. Marrs `203

Stephanie Neal `226

William J. Shively `231

Shawnee school board (2 elected)

Mike Carpenter `1,710

Rob Loescher `1,292

Spencerville school board (2 elected)

Spencer R. Clum `256

Lori Ringwald `303

Waynesfield-Goshen school board (overlap) (3 elected)

Thomas B. Brookhart `0

David Chiles `0

M. Todd Spencer `0


Marion Township fire and emergency services, additional, 0.35 mill, five years



Village Of Elida electric aggregation



Allen County Children Services, renewal, 0.75 mill, five years



Columbus Grove schools current expenses (overlap), renewal, 0.75%, five years

For `56

Against `23

Local option, Aldi, 3285 Elida Road, Lima, wine and mixed beverages sale from 10 a.m. to midnight Sunday



Local Option, Marathon, 4170 N. West St., Lima, wine and mixed beverages sale from 10 a.m. to midnight Sunday



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