Auglaize County 2019 November election results

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St. Marys Mayor

Patrick J. McGowan (R)`752

Aaron L. Myers (WI) `132

St. Marys Council President

James J. Harris (R) `825

St. Marys Auditor

Douglas M. Riesen (R) `821

St. Marys Law Director

Zach G. Ferrall (R) `852

St. Marys Council at Large (3 elected)

Robert J. Fitzgerald (R) `705

Todd Fleagle (R) `703

Daniel F. Uhlenhake (R) `680

St. Marys 1st Ward Council

John A. Bubp (R) `221

St. Marys 2nd Ward Council

Kenneth J. Koverman (D) `286

Ashley Randolph (WI) `33

St. Marys 3rd Ward Council

James S. Christman (R) `156

St. Marys 4th Ward Council

Robin Willoughby (D) `86

Wapakoneta Mayor

Thomas A. Stinebaugh (R) `1,029

Brandon Terrill (WI) `419

Wapakoneta Council President

Stephen E. Henderson (R) `1,321

Wapakoneta Auditor

Wilbur G. Wells `1,323

Wapakoneta Law Director

No candidates filed

Wapakoneta Council at Large (3 elected)

Rodney Metz (D) `862

Chad Dunlap (R) `1,165

Terry Campbell (R) `984

Rachel Barber `587

Wapakoneta 1st Ward Council

James R. Neumeier `271

Ross Kantner (R) `383

Wapakoneta 2nd Ward Council

Daniel Lee (R) `282

Wapakoneta 3rd Ward Council

No candidates filed

Wapakoneta 4th Ward Council

Chad A. Doll (R) `285

Buckland Mayor

Daniel A. Lambert `37

Timothy F. Detty `41

Buckland Council (2 elected)

Laura S. Norman `73

Cridersville Mayor

Frank P. Oen `102

Rick Walls `206

Cridersville Council (2 elected)

Joseph A. Bailey `209

Stacey L. Cook `225

Cridersville Council, unexpired term

Rick Allen (WI) `42

Minster Mayor

Dennis Kitzmiller `266

Minster Council (2 elected)

Thomas Herkenhoff `236

Nicole A. Clune `230

New Bremen Mayor

Robert D. Parker `423

Craig J. Hoffman `284

New Bremen Council (2 elected)

Brent A. Richter `465

Jacob Larger `561

New Knoxville Mayor

Keith Leffel `97

New Knoxville Council (2 elected)

Andrew Roettger `98

Waynesfield Mayor

Michael R. Ridenour `69

Rodney W. Luma `126

Waynesfield Council (2 elected)

Barbara V. Earl `117

Robert E. Miller `141

Clay Township Trustee

Nicholas Schultz `95

Clay Township Fiscal Officer

James M. Metzger `100

Duchouquet Township Trustee

Bruce Rohrbacher `1,823

Duchouquet Township Fiscal Officer

Cathy M. Oen `1,808

German Township Trustee

Vernon Paul `669

German Township Fiscal Officer

Karen Balster `674

Goshen Township Trustee

Edwin Spencer `74

Goshen Township Fiscal Officer

Jodi J. Hennon `68

Jackson Township Trustee

Matthew J. Olberding `359

Jackson Township Fiscal Officer

David Doenges `371

Logan Township Trustee

David E. Krites `235

Logan Township Fiscal Officer

Nicole R. Stolzenburg, CPA `160

Todd D. Place `93

Moulton Township Trustee

Thomas J. Kohler `205

Moulton Township Fiscal Officer

Larry W. Johns `202

Noble Township Trustee

Gregory L. Leffel `240

Noble Township Fiscal Officer

Steve Schamp `230

Pusheta Township Trustee

Jay Fisher `153

Pusheta Township Fiscal Officer

Brian M. Schlosser `157

Salem Township Trustee

Michael R. Vogel `58

Salem Township Fiscal Officer

Patricia McMichael `58

St. Marys Township Trustee

Robert H. Wilker `1,020

St. Marys Township Fiscal Officer

Ronald L. Sudman `1,027

Union Township Trustee

Richard J. Miller `336

Union Township Fiscal Officer

Cindy Bourne `317

Washington Township Trustee

Louis Klopfenstein `198

Washington Township Fiscal Officer

Cheryl M. Bambauer `192

Wayne Township Trustee

Erick Werling `285

Wayne Township Fiscal Officer

Holly A. Turner `299

Auglaize County ESC board, unexpired term

David Shephard `1,594

Allen County ESC board (overlap)

Ann Best `72

Midwest Regional ESC (overlap)

Connie C. Dyer (WI) `0

Mercer County ESC (overlap)

Melissa Hoying `32

Vicki Smith (WI) `0

Mercer County ESC, unexpired term (overlap)

Curtis Hayes `31

Botkins school board (overlap) (2 elected)

Mark R. Goubeaux `37

Chris Monnin (WI) `1

Indian Lake school board (overlap) (3 elected)

Chad A. Ross `1

Steven W. Spath `0

Gabriel Wickline `0

Jackson Center school board (overlap) (3 elected)

Kristin S. Davis `4

Matt Kohler `4

Brad Wren `3

Minster school board (2 elected)

Ted Oldiges `283

Katrina Nixon `305

Minster school board, unexpired term (2 elected)

Sandra Schulze `299

Richard Bruns `293

Marion Local school board (overlap) (3 elected)

Randy Bruns `25

Shannon M. Everman `27

Tim Pohlman `27

New Bremen school board (2 elected)

Cory Suchland `590

Scott Bertke `585

New Knoxville school board (2 elected)

Brian Hoge `167

Michelle Neuman `142

Parkway school board (overlap) (2 elected)

Jeffrey J. Armstrong `2

Talan Bates `1

Tara Patterson `0

Parkway school board, unexpired term (overlap) (2 elected)

Kristin R. Hamrick (WI) `0

Shawnee school board (overlap) (2 elected)

Mike Carpenter `4

Rob Loescher `4

St. Marys school board (2 elected)

Brian A. Little `1,042

Ronda Shelby `1,141

Bob Valentine `611

Spencerville school board (overlap) (2 elected)

Spencer Clum `50

Lori Ringwald `58

Upper Scioto Valley school board (overlap) (2 elected)

Lori A. Dyer `0

Paul M. Ralston `0

Upper Scioto Valley school board, unexpired term

Travis Sanders (WI) `0

Wapakoneta school board (3 elected)

William H. Sammetinger `2,124

Joshua Alan Little `2,004

Ronald Mertz `1,944

Waynesfield-Goshen school board (3 elected)

Thomas B. Brookhart `417

M. Todd Spencer `387

David Chiles `368


Cridersville current operating expenses, renewal, 2 mills, four years

For `219

Against `102

New Bremen ambulance service and EMS, replacement, 2 mills, five years

For `600

Against `105

Duchouquet Township firefighting, ambulance and EMS, replacement, 2 mills, five years



German Township ambulance and EMS, renewal, 1.25 mills, five years

For `88

Against `10

Noble Township firefighting, ambulance and EMS, renewal, 0.7 mill, five years

For `241

Against `35

Union Township firefighting, ambulance and EMS, additional, 3 mills, continuing

For `306

Against `65

Wayne Township including Waynesfield firefighting, ambulance and EMS, additional, 1 mill, five years

For `268

Against `72

Upper Valley Career Center current expenses (overlap), additional, 1.5 mills, continuing

For `22

Against `21

Marion Local School District constructing building improvements (overlap), renewal, 1.8 mills, five years

For `26

Against `7

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