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By Jim Krumel - jkrumel@limanews.com

Jim Krumel

Jim Krumel


Some people have a knack for making money in unusual ways.

Take the Doll Hospital and Toy Solider Shop in Berkley, Michigan, for example. It was around for 70 years in the Detroit suburb, fixing more than 250,000 dolls before the owners retired a year ago. Two former employees — or doll doctors, as they like to call themselves — purchased the remaining doll parts and tools and took the business on-line, now calling it the Berkley Doll Hospital. They’ll mend and repair your old Chatty Cathy or put the stuffing back into a Cabbage Patch doll.

Then there’s the Wedding Wagon. If you’re in Las Vegas with that special person and decide to get married, don’t bother looking for a chapel. The Wedding Wagon will come to you for prices beginning at $129. And yes, they’ll bring Elvis too, if you like.

Now we have Cozy Up, a professional studio where patrons pay $25 to $300 to be cuddled — yes, they’re paying for hugs. A Florida mother and daughter report a brisk business since opening in mid-October. Cozy Up clients must be 18 years or older, and as a courtesy, patrons are asked to shower and brush their teeth before arriving for their appointment, owner Jade Eitzmann told Jacksonville TV station WFOX.

Elsewhere last week:

… If you’re in the market for a summer home in New England, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and girlfriend Gisele Bündchen have dropped the price of their home in Brookline, Massachusetts. It listed for $39.5 million in August, but you can now get it for $32.5 million. The property sits adjacent to a country club and has a three-car garage, pool, gym, spa and guest house with a yoga studio. You also can easily park 20 cars in the driveway.

… Have you ever wondered why pizza parlors put a round pizza in a square box? The braintrust of Pizza Hut are wrestling with that question. They’re looking to innovate, replacing square pizza boxes with round ones. The round boxes are being test marketed at a location in Phoenix, reports Business Insider. They’re finding the round boxes take up less space, are compostable and can be stacked and interlocked. They also reportedly keep pizzas hotter longer.

… Drum roll, please. It’s time for the Hambone Award, a national honor presented by Nationwide Insurance for the most unusual pet insurance claim. This year’s award goes to Minnow, a 4-year-old cat from Alpharetta, Georgia, that was lost for three weeks before finding her way home. It’s the 11th year for the award, which received its name from a Nationwide-insured dog who ate an entire holiday ham while trapped inside a refrigerator.

… Deputies in Orlando, Florida, finally caught the notorious “triathlete criminal,” who eluded them for two days by running, biking and swimming away from them. Gary Francis Molloy was finally arrested after deputies caught up with him in an airboat as he tried another water escape. Molloy was arrested on several charges and jailed, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

… A motorist who struck and killed the girlfriend of Cleveland Browns defensive end Chris Smith will not be charged, Cleveland.com reports. Authorities said the woman wasn’t impaired, speeding or driving erratically. The accident occurred in September along Interstate 90 when Smith’s 2019 Lamborghini blew a tire and hit the center median wall. Smith’s girlfriend, Petara Cordero, was struck as she exited the car. Cordero gave birth to the couple’s daughter just weeks before her death.

ROSES AND THORNS: Something’s fishy in the rose garden.

Rose: A pair of Lima area crappie anglers used methods they honed on Grand Lake St. Marys and Indian Lake to win the national 2019 Crappie USA Classic held on Old Hickory Lake in Gallatin, Tennessee. Jason Koesters of New Bremen and Jake Hengstler of Botkins fought some tough weather conditions as they weighed in a two-day 10-fish limit at 19.75 pounds.

Rose: To Ralph Herman, of Ottawa. His idea was featured Tuesday in the nationally syndicated comic “Pluggers.”

Rose: To Nick Ellis, of Lima. He directed and produced the faith-based movie “A Walk with Grace,” which was filmed entirely in the area.

Rose: To Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost. During an interview Friday with The Lima News in which Yost talked about the opioid crisis, he was interrupted by a staff member who received a telephone call notifying Yost that Quentin Smith had been found guilty of two counts of aggravated murder for fatally shooting Westerville police officers Eric Joering and Anthony Morelli in February 2018. Yost reacted with a loud yell and a double fist pump.

Rose: To Geraldine Smith, of Wapakoneta, who celebrated her 102nd birthday on Oct. 28.

Thorn: Police say on Oct. 9 an unknown person gained entry into a vehicle parked at the YMCA and took a credit card. The card was then used at Dairy Mart to buy lottery tickets. Video surveillance showed the white male leaving in a red Dodge Ram pickup truck.

PARTING SHOT: Accept that some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue.

Jim Krumel
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By Jim Krumel


Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

Jim Krumel is the editor of The Lima News. Contact him at 567-242-0391 or at The Lima News, 3515 Elida Road, Lima, Ohio 45807.

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