5 face off for 3 Bath school board seats

By Tara Jones - tjones@limanews.com

BATH TOWNSHIP — Incumbents Rob Foley, Timothy McKinney and Jackie Place will once again be on the ballot for Bath Local Schools Board of Education.

Also seeking one of the three seats available are Michael C. Armentrout and Phil White.

Place served as vice president for the board for 2019 and is seeking her fifth term. Her experience on the board and as a teacher in the district is what Place said should earn her re-election.

“I’ve got a Bachelor’s Degree in education, two Masters in education, 34 years of teaching and 16 years of board experience,” she said. “I think I know the district and with my experience and background, I can continue making decisions that would help the district.”

If re-elected, Place said she wants to focus on safety and upcoming contract negotiations.

“If the kids and the staff feel safe, they’re more apt to and have more time to put into their experience, not looking over their shoulder in terms of what’s happening — they’re relaxed and that makes for a more effective learning environment.”

Though he has not served on the board, White has worked with its members and treasurer looking at public finance records. White said he was concerned with what he found and would make it his goal to be more accurate and transparent.

“What I saw as I was helping with some of these issues is that we had some real systemic problems — cultural erosion problems and mentoring and development problems,” White said. “We found we were not in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code law in money handling. I was shocked and appalled to find out how disengaged the board was in understanding what was going on in the district,” White continued. “Those two things together, I see a need and that they need help doing it and my skillset (as maintenance and engineering manager at INEOS for 20 years) matches very well for the direction to go next.”

Armentrout has worked at another Lima company, Procter & Gamble, for 21 years and also is a coordinator for the nonprofit West Central Ohio Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry. He is involved with the athletic boosters and a few other parent committees.

“It’s really about, for me, being involved in the community,” Armentrout said. “I’ve done a lot of things over the years, and this is just the next step for me. If elected, I want to provide the kids with the best education and a safe environment. We have a lot of kids who try to open-enroll in our school, which tells me that we do have a good school, so it’s about keeping everything moving forward with our programs, education and such.”

Armentrout said if elected, he would want to take a look at what it would take to upgrade current facilities as well as developing programs for life after high school, including skills trade programs.

Foley and McKinney did not return email requests for phone interviews.


By Tara Jones


Reach Tara Jones at 567-242-0511.

Reach Tara Jones at 567-242-0511.

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