Ottawa waives portion of water bill penalty

By Jennifer Peryam -

OTTAWA — Ottawa’s village council Monday approved waiving a portion of a penalty for an unpaid water bill and requiring the owner to pay the bill in full in 60 days.

Barbara Hermiller, clerk-treasurer, shared a letter with the council from Mike Schulte, who is wanting to purchase the home and remodel it for his son, Jason, and his fiance to live in.

Jason has previously lived in the home but moved to Findlay and rented it out to two individuals. Jason had plans to move back into the home, and they transferred all utilities to the renters while they lived in the home.

After the renters moved out, Jason went back to his home and discovered the only utilities being paid were the ones where service would be shut off if they weren’t paid. Bills on gas, electric and cable all past due were found.

Schulte requested the interest on the account be waived.

“We would rather get paid up for the water used and get current again on all utilities instead of this bill being added to the tax bill,” Schulte wrote in the letter.

Hermiller said there was a procedural error on the village’s part, and the council approved waiving 50% of the penalty.

In other business, the council discussed a concern from an individual who is with the organization “Angels On Tracks,” who contacted the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio regarding the lack of safety for the railroad grade crossings on Third Street at the Indiana and Ohio Railway.

Hermiller found out there needs to be a traffic study to determine if any safety measures would need to be implemented in the area. The cost to get a traffic study would be more than the village would receive to get funding, so the application will not be pursued at this time.

In other business the council:

• Approved an estimate not to exceed $21,193.20 from Struxture Outdoor for the construction of two shade structures at Memorial Pool.

• Approved a resolution accepting the proposal for $9,696 from Tawa Mulch and Landscape Supply to single grind the stumps, logs, wood debris and brush pile and haul it to the municipal garage.

By Jennifer Peryam

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

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