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By Sam Shriver -

John Sreenan

John Sreenan

LIMA — John Sreenan, 18, a senior at Lima Central Catholic High School, is hoping to earn a college degree while serving his country.

Sreenan is active in both sports and academics, playing soccer and running track for LCC. He’s also a member of the Quiz Bowl team.

He’s choosing a military pathway to a career.

He’s in the process of applying to all three military academies, West Point, the Naval Academy and Air Force Academy.

He’s hoping to go into engineering.

“I went to the Naval Academy summer seminar and tried out some different stuff and I really liked the robotics and weapons engineering program,” said Sreenan.

But he’s not totally set with going into the Navy.

“I put down Air Force as my first choice because when I visited, I was just really comfortable on the campus, but the Naval Academy is a close second because I was there for the week and that camp and I loved it,” he said.

He’s desire to get into the military might have to do with his experience in the Boy Scouts.

He recently became an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in Scouts.

“You want great life skills, and the biggest thing I’ve learned through scouts is leadership skills,” he said.

His Eagle Scout project included installing benches on the playgrounds at St. Charles, St. Gerard and St. Rose schools.

Serving his country is something that motivates him.

“Oh, yeah, for sure. I’ve got two cousins, both in the Marines, and just seeing how they’ve progressed as people. I mean, that really motivates me and seeing how rewarding of a career it is for them. I’ve just had so much respect for people in the military,” he said.

Participating in sports is also teaching him lessons that should help him wherever he goes.

“Being able to work with other people and work as a team and cooperate and sports develop life skills — perseverance and patience all those things,” he added.

Going to school at LCC is an experience that’s he’s thankful for.

“I like the fact that it’s not so big. I mean, I know everybody here and I like that, for the most part. The staff is great. They’re willing to help with anything you need, even if it’s not school-related. You can just go to anyone and get help with personal things. The education is great. All the college courses we offer and everything are so well taught, and I just feel like I’ve learned so much being here,” said Sreenan.

John Sreenan Sreenan
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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