Letteer: All local workers; no ‘middle finger’

After reading a letter to the editor from Gary McPheron, I would like to clarify some misleading statements.

While remodeling the 318 Restaurant and Bar, we hired all local businesses like Fairfield Quality Construction, High Electric, R. A. Flynn and Sons, Gast Plumbing and Heating, All Service Glass and others including many minorities business All of these were local companies and pay their employees well and do great work.

Middle finger to the workers, I think not.

The Port Authority was a loan and just like any other loan had to be repaid. We did qualify for the loan, but we acquired local funding from a local bank and just did not need it.

I also think it’s the owner’s responsibility to find the correct financing to make the project work, so who we used to get the project going clear to the finish is the sole responsibility of the people who put the investment in to begin with.

What does Gary McPheron have to do with this? Sending out misleading statements about a downtown project is just the thing we don’t need in Lima or Allen County. Where is the open-door policy to any business to invest in our community? What is the perception of Lima now? Why didn’t he just call and ask about it? It’s easier to spread mis-truths, I guess.

Was it political motivated? Who knows, therefore I do not accept any donations to my election campaign, from anyone, so I am not beholding to anyone. I guess taking the high road morally is always the right thing to do. Maybe he should look in the mirror.

Sam McLean, Lima


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