Ottawa, Ottoville Village Council candidates face off

Tyler Albridge

Tyler Albridge

William Miller

William Miller

Joseph Moreno

Matthew Black

Jo Deskins

Jeff Ducey

Troy Yant

OTTAWA — Ottawa Village Council has four candidates running for three spots on the council, and there are three candidates running for Ottoville Village Council with two available spots on the council.

Ottawa Village Council

Matthew Black is seeking political office for the first time and plans to bring fresh ideas to Ottawa Village Council.

Black, 46, is married to Nicole, who is the marketing coordinator at the Putnam County YMCA and they have two children. He is employed at Ottawa-Glandorf schools where he drives school buses and is a mechanic there.

“I think I can bring a new, fresh perspective for Ottawa by not serving on the council before,” Black said.

He has lived in Ottawa since 2006 and said he would like to see the pay for village workers increase.

“It seems things keep getting taken away from the workers and their morale is getting low, and I want to change that and give the boys a pat on the back because they do good work,” Black said.

If elected, he would like to help in posting more speed limit signs in Ottawa.

Jo A. Deskins is seeking a third term as council member of Ottawa’s Village Council.

Deskins, 62, has lived in Ottawa from 1963 to 1979 and again from 1991 to the present, totaling 44 years as an Ottawa resident.

She has been employed by Lima schools since 1994, presently working as an intervention specialist at Lima Senior High School.

“While certainly not accomplished as an individual member of council, but since my becoming a member, some highlights have included elimination of the 100% village-sponsored health insurance for elected council members and village financial support of the replacement of lights at Memorial Park’s baseball field,” Deskins said.

Troy Douglas Yant is seeking a third term on the Ottawa Village Council.

Yant, 50, is married to Mary Davenport-Yant and they have four children, three sons, Trey Parsons, Thane Yant and Jacob Yant and one daughter, Kennedi Corthell.

He has been employed at Ottawa-Glandorf High School as an American government/history teacher for the last 21 years.

While serving on the park board, he has worked to help revitalize the park and the pool with the community members.

Jeff Ducey is seeking a second term on the Ottawa Village Council to continue to serve residents and help save taxpayers money.

Ducey, 65, has lived in Ottawa his entire life. He is married to Rose, and they have two children.

He is retired most recently retiring in 2014 from Allen County Board of Developmental Disabilities. His family previously owned Car-E-It Party Shop in Ottawa from 1960, until his family sold it in 2002.

While serving, he said he has pushed for the elimination of health insurance for part-time village council and mayor that was accomplished with a savings of over $100,000 a year.

He also pushed for the elimination of the appointed village economic developer position that was eliminated. Eliminating the position saved the village approximately $100,00 a year in wages and benefits.

Ottoville Village Council

Tyler Albridge is the youngest candidate seeking the Ottoville Village Council seat and it is his first time seeking a political office.

Albridge, 29, grew up in Delphos until he was 19 and has lived in Ottoville for a decade. He is self employed and is a contractor. He is married to Heather and they have three daughters.

“I am trying to teach myself and my daughters if you have the ability to help, you have the obligation to help,” Albridge said. He said he would like to help the township by becoming more independent and improving the park system. He said if elected he would like to join the park board and said a portion of the the park playground is dilapidated.

He said this is a safety issue and the equipment is made with old railroad ties.

“The overall park is great and is being well managed by our park board. My favorite part of Ottoville is we have a great sense of community,” Albridge said. He said there was a great turnout at this year’s park cleanup with 5o to 75 people who assisted.

William Miller, 46, has lived in Ottoville for 19 years. He is married to Tina and they have two children.

The village is working on upgrading some of its infrastructure and storm sewer projects and have completed water line projects as well as overall maintenance of the village, Miller said.

During the past four years he has served on the council, there has been town equipment that has been updated under the leadership of five others on the council as well as himself.

“I would like to continue to do good things for the village and make sure we are always improving and trying to better ourselves,” Miller said.

He said there are other projects scheduled. He said the village’s goals are to help expand the village. Van Wert Health will bring a doctor’s office to Ottoville in the next year.

Joseph Moreno, 44, is married to Kelly and they have three children. He is employed for Eaton Corp. in Cleveland where he is a business intelligence specialist. He is seeking a second term on the Ottoville Village Council and hopes to continue to address small government spending.

“I decided to seek re-election because I really like the aspect of helping our village prosper not only from the village government side, but as a resident as well,” Moreno said. He added that he likes to be involved with decisions the village makes and help out in any way he can.

Tyler Albridge Albridge
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Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

Reach Jennifer Peryam at 567-242-0362.

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