House of Grace partnering to bring medical services on-site

By Tara Jones - [email protected]

LIMA — Those in the House of Grace Men’s Recovery Program will now have access to medical needs on-site thanks to a partnership with Health Partners of Western Ohio.

House of Grace is an outreach and recovery program for men dealing with drug and other substance abuse.

“It’s not just a matter of treating the addiction, but the program is designed to treat the health issues that many of these men have developed because of their abuse,” explained the Rev. Ronald Fails, who helped organize the program.

The program has partnered with Health Partners for years, but now services are being brought to the men.

“We have been working together for some time, helping the gentlemen that come from the House of Grace,” said Shekeree Washington, center director for Health Partners. “We decided there were so many, it would be best if we could come here.”

According to Becky Magrum, program director for House of Grace, the plan is to have a full team of health professionals on-site two times a month to help with basic screenings, administer flu shots and refill prescriptions.

“It is a complete team of not only a nurse practitioner, but we have an LPN, medical assistant, we have behavioral health here, a center receptionist, everyone on the team including our outreach coordinator to support the House of Grace,” Washington said.

Therapists from the Recovery Achievement Center are on-site two days a week.

“The goal is to have all of that covered where the guys can’t say ‘I can’t get to therapy,’ therapy is here, and ‘I can’t get to the doctor,’ the doctor is here,” Magrum explained.

“We have basically created an organization that has all the resources that is needed to help people not only get their physical needs met, but the spiritual, mental and medical,” Fails said. “It really is a dream that has come true for us because we’ve believed if you’re going to help a person, you have to deal with the whole person and this is an opportunity for us to do that.”

By Tara Jones

[email protected]

Reach Tara Jones at 567-242-0511.

Reach Tara Jones at 567-242-0511.

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