Letter: Answering Jim Krumel’s proverbial glass question

I would like to respond to the question raised in Jim Krumel’s column, “Is the glass half empty or half full?” It seems to me that you answered the question yourself. “It depends on what you’re thirsty for.” Negative people see it as half empty (with a leak in the bottom) and positive people see at as half full. Why? Because negative people have something missing in their lives and have nothing else to fill that glass with. Perhaps positive people are happy that they were blessed with that half drink of happiness and can’t wait to fill it back up again by giving love, a smile, empathy and forgiveness.

My husband and I often read parts of the paper to each other and together and we both read that article with smiles about the 99-year-old grandmother riding a horse. It made us think of the “old days” when people were too busy working hard for their food and a roof over their heads to fill their glasses with negative thoughts. Their glasses were always full because they were thankful for what they had.

Which leads me to the letter sent in by Craig Nichols about Terry Pierce. I do not know the Pierce family, but my heart goes out to them. I’m guessing that Craig Nichols doesn’t know them, either. Neither of us know if Terry Pierce had a mental illness, so, judge not. Mental illness is a disease, just like cancer.

Yes, my husband and I talked about that article. We talked about how we were thinking of his family and their loss. We tried to go on the website to express our sympathy and donate to Linda, but were unsuccessful. So I want to say this to Linda and her family; You have our most heartfelt good thoughts to you and your family and heed this … ot everyone has the same mindset as Craig Nichols, trust me, because I am someone and so is your brother. Don’t be afraid to laugh and cheer for the Buckeyes because he will love it. Give someone you love a hug just for the heck of it and may your glass fill up a little more every day.

And to The Lima News. …. Drop it. You’ve sold enough newspapers.

Cindy Howe, Bluffton


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