Overlay plan process moving slowly in Bath Township

An update on the plan should happen within two weeks

By Sam Shriver - sshriver@limanews.com

BATH TOWNSHIP — An economic development tool to help develop parts of Bath Township is getting closer to becoming reality.

The unit development overlay plan would affect property owners on parts of Bath Township inside a thin strip of land between Harding Highway and a line extended east from Makin Drive.

“It is basically an economic development tool,” said Bob Sielschott, a Bath Township trustee. “What it does is it allows individuals who have a specific project in mind for an area to know what the parameters are in advance, to know what it is they’re allowed to do, what they’re not allowed to do so that they have complete understanding of what requirements are going to be, what is the nature of the plan that they have to fit their development plan in.”

Public meetings on the proposal have already been held over the past 18 months, with many residents in the Lost Creek area voicing their concerns over any new development.

“We had an extended period of time where people could contact us if they wanted to be a part of it,” he said.

A law firm in Columbus is working with Bath Township trustees to firm up the language in the overlay.

“They are drafting a plan that we should have in a couple of weeks. Once that’s done, we tweak the plan. We talk about it. We see if we want to change anything or add anything, then it goes to the zoning commission,” Sielschott said. “The zoning commission provides a copy to regional planning, regional planning recommends to zoning, zoning recommends to us and we vote on it.

“During that period of time, we’re also going to involve a lot of transparency with the public as far as making sure everybody knows what’s in it and also reach out to utility people, to ODOT, to other people who will end up having to work with individual businesses that want to do a project in the overlay,” he said.

The process is on schedule, Sielschott said, with the process being completed sometime this fall.

“We’re getting very close to the beginning of the statutory process,” he said.

An update on the plan should happen within two weeks

By Sam Shriver


Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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