Boil order issued in Kalida

KALIDA — A water boil notice is being issued by the Village of Kalida starting Wednesday afternoon for Kalida residents on both sides of Walnut Street and all residences north of Walnut Street.

According to a press release from Kalida Police Department, this includes Silver Pines Drive, Stillwater Street, Oak Parkway, Acorn Street, Maple Leaf Drive, Brookhaven Subdivision, Road M and Bacon Street. This is due to water line reconstruction on the Walnut Street project.

A water boil notice means all water for drinking and cooking must be boiled for at least 10 minutes before consumption. Residences in this affected area will notice a reduction in water pressure during daytime hours. Water used for bathing and washing clothes does not need to be boiled. Questions or concerns about this can be directed to the municipal building at 419-532-3899 and will be passed onto the water department.

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