Lima council moves potential annexation forward

By Sam Shriver -

LIMA — A contentious annexation into Lima got a step closer Monday night after Lima City Council approved legislation which outlined what municipal services could be provided to David Smith, who owns the property in Bath Township on Reservoir Road.

The city administration is opposed to the annexation because the property does not comply with Lima’s property maintenance code.

During the discussion on the legislation, councilman Sam McLean told Smith, “We’ve had a lot of conversations about this. I hope for your sake it passes.” McLean urged Smith “to get this property cleaned up, then we’ll have no issues.”

Council President John Nixon indicated he would vote against annexation. Nixon indicated that he would vote against any annexation that’s presented to the council by Smith in the future.

“This is nothing different than what we would do for any other annexation being requested,” Nixon said. “In this case, the issues that need to be addressed have been set for a year, and little has been done.”

Smith remained upbeat.

“The next step is Sept. 12th,” Smith said. “There is a hearing for the annexation petition with the Allen County commissioners. Subsequent from that, if the commissioners approve it, then it has to lay on the table for a period of time, then the city has 120 days after it’s laid on the table to either approve or not approve. We’re proceeding forward with our clean up.”

The property, if it’s annexed, is planned to be sold to MVAH Housing, which will turn the property into apartments.

In other business, Crime Prevention Specialist LeeAnn Shade gave city council members an update on their efforts in the past year.

She reported that in 2018, the two part-time Crime Prevention Aides gave 176 presentations, dealt with 36 graffiti problems in 2018 (16 so far this year) and offered 53 security surveys. They also did 86 ride-alongs and coordinated 17 internships with college students. They also do active shooter presentations and tips to increase security.

“We go into businesses and apartment complexes and try to offer services from the police department,” Shade said.

Council also appointed Mark Mullenhour to the Lima Civil Service Board. He replaces Sean Carpenter, who was asked to resign by council for unknown reasons.

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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