Answering ‘What is there to do in Lima?’

Four in the industry talk it out

By Josh Ellerbrock -

Jeryl White

Jeryl White

Gene “Groamy” Frueh

Gene “Groamy” Frueh

BK Irons

Marc Bowker

LIMA — Inclusivity, community and marketing topped the list of topics brought forward by four entertainment professionals on the latest episode of Boom XYZ — a newly created Lima News podcast focusing on examining pertinent regional issues.

The primary question posed to the group is “What is there to do in Lima?”

All four participants quickly agreed that there are “things to do,” but in trying to find out why people may not know about them, the conversation meandered widely — bouncing off cultural issue, the topic of cliques and social media’s influence.

“There’s a lot to do, but how do we get people to know that there is stuff to do?” Gene Frueh, owner of Groamy’s CDs and Tapes, said.

BK Irons, a local stand-up comedian who also works as a social media marketer, said the use of social media is part of the problem due to how it can warp an individual’s perception and expectations.

“I’ve been beside somebody that was on social media, at that current time right there on their post on Facebook, and they were living their best life. Meanwhile they were beside me asking to borrow money,” Irons said.

Groamy, who pulled out a flyer for one of his upcoming shows, also condemned social media for cutting down communication between different groups and creating silos.

“I believe Lima has lost its energy. We are a small city, but we barely deal with each other often,” Jeryl White, a local stand-up comedian, said. “When you look around at other cities, there is something missing, like an essence of a city.”

Groamy said he has seen communication between bands diminish in the last decade and some earlier hot-spots of the local music scene lose their standing.

“Back in the day, when you had bands, we would try to get everybody involved,” Groamy said.

Both White and Irons gave similar perspectives of the comedy scene and their fellow comics — many who are looking for the instant gratification of performing on stage without putting in the work to develop material and expand the larger scene.

“Everybody got their little thing they got to do — their agenda. We’re not just stopping to make stuff to do, to have stuff to do,” White said.

“Nobody here is on a team, we’re all in competition over here,” Irons said. “We got so many people here who are all about themselves. Like with the bands, they don’t care about music, they care about their music.”

“Big-picture thinking is this community is foreign. I saw that the first week when I came in 2000, and I see it today,” Marc Bowker, owner of Alter Ego Comics, said. “Collaboration and big picture is how this city succeeds.”

The full conversation can be found online.

Future episodes of the series, titled “Boom XYZ” will be released on the first Sunday of each month. Those interested can subscribe to the series on iTunes and other major podcast distributors.


Jeryl White White
Gene “Groamy” Frueh “Groamy” Frueh
BK Irons Irons
Marc Bowker Bowker
Four in the industry talk it out

By Josh Ellerbrock

Reach Josh Ellerbrock at 567-242-0398.

Reach Josh Ellerbrock at 567-242-0398.

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