County EMA, state EPA officials monitor diesel fuel spill

By J Swygart -

LIMA — The Allen County Emergency Management Agency responded Thursday to a diesel fuel spill incident at Messer LLC, located 961 Industry Avenue, Lima.

According to a statement by county EMA Director Tom Berger, a representative from the company reported a truck had begun fueling and drove away with the nozzle still attached to its tank. That caused damage to the above-ground pump and allowed for a continuous flow of fuel, Berger reported.

The pump continued to run for approximately an hour, releasing an estimated 815 gallons of fuel into a small creek that empties into Lost Creek. EMA officials observed diesel fuel in the water, and the Allen County Hazmat Team and the Bath Township Fire Department were dispatched to place an absorbent boom in the waterway and to identify the leading edge of the spill.

Berger said John Flagel of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency responded to the scene, and notifications were also made to Allen Soil and Water, City of Lima Water Department and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Messer LLC hired environmental cleanup contractor Enviro Serve to complete remediation. The scene was turned over to Ohio EPA to monitor cleanup, according to Berger.

By J Swygart

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