Lima man pleads not guilty after vague threats against P-G school, priest

By J Swygart -



LIMA — A Lima man charged with inducing panic for allegedly writing a letter to his ex-wife containing threats to blow Pandora-Gilboa Elementary School to “Kingdom Come” pleaded not guilty Friday during his arraignment in Allen County Common Pleas Court.

A recent session of the grand jury charged Robert Miller with inducing panic, causing the evacuation of a public place or otherwise causing serious public inconvenience or alarm where the public place is a school, a second-degree felony, and inducing panic by threatening to commit any offense of violence, a first-degree misdemeanor.

His first pretrial hearing will be held July 3.

Miller, 59, was taken into custody May 7 after writing a letter to his ex-wife in which he allegedly made rambling threats against Pandora-Gilboa schools and an unnamed Catholic priest.

The threat caused the Putnam County school to operate under a Code Yellow lockdown alert throughout the day.

Officials from the Allen County Sheriff’s Office said Miller had written a letter to his ex-wife in which he referenced an unnamed “God damn catholic priest” and stated “Pandora Gilboa Elementary School” and “we all will blow that (expletive) elementary school and priest to Kingdom Come,” according to a sheriff’s office press release.

Court documents show Miller did not explain why he was upset with the school or the priest other than to state that the priest scares his grandchildren.

Miller told investigators he did not have any means or real intention to attack the school or anyone else, and he was just trying to scare his ex-wife for reasons still unknown, officials said.


By J Swygart

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