Marriage license applications filed in Allen County

LIMA — The following individuals filed applications for marriage licenses in Allen County Probate Court:

Jeffrey Rempe and Shannon Corson, both of Lima; William Wright and Patricia Diehl, both of Lima; Gregory Bilbrey and Deborah Mack, both of Elida; Trenton Suever and Sierra Morman, both of Lima; Devon Dunlap and Tiffany Bigham, both of Lima; Anthony Hight and Lauren Linn, both of Lima; Everett King and Ashley White, both of Lima; William Rowell Sr. and Yessenia Alvarez, both of Lima; Matthew Gillett of Bluffton and Rachel Kahle of Pandora; Joseph Schara Jr. and Savannah Stahl, both of Lima; Justin Grigsby and Lindsey Bennington, both of Lima; Craig Miller of Harrod and Anna Hairston of Mansfield; Trenton Stewart and Carly Smith, both of Elida; Jonah Lee and Samantha Fuerst, both of Spencerville; Philip Thomason and Alyssa Flory, both of Lima; Charles Mussa and Jeanette Robinson, both of Elida; Alec Curry and Kristen Baldwin, both of Lima; Jason Summers and Kiera Suffel, both of Bluffton; and Eliot Walters and Karen Beery, both of Lima.

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