Youth profile: Allen East junior looks to future

By Sam Shriver -



HARROD — Malachi Blakma, 16, a junior at Allen East High School, is excited as he enters his senior year.

Blakma is a one-sport athlete for Allen East and excels on the soccer pitch.

“I’ve been playing soccer about my whole life,” he said.

He is unsure what he’ll be doing after high school.

“I’ve been thinking there are some possibilities out there. I think the idea for forensic science sounds actually really cool so it sounds very interesting. I do like animals. Maybe some zoology. I don’t know. Something in that area,” he said.

Right now he’s leaning toward studying forensic science.

“I think the idea of just trying to figure out who the criminal might be and the way they figure it out by fingerprints and things like that, there’s something about that, just trying to figure that out, just the mystery of it and all that,” said Blakma.

He’s actually inspired by a comic book super-hero.

“The Flash, he’s a forensic scientist. Between him being a superhero and a forensic scientist that seemed pretty cool,” he said.

He’s had a lot of people recommend Ohio Northern University in Ada and Ohio State University but he’s keeping his options open for now.

He’s also pleased with the experience he’s had at Allen East.

“I think it’s a nice community. I think people are friendly around here, the teachers, the students. I got a good amount of friends, people to hang out with, even people that I’m not necessarily friends with are nice. They’re nice people. I think we got very good teachers. I think it’s a good school all around,” he said.


By Sam Shriver

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