Alleged prostitution ring broken up

By J Swygart -



LIMA — A Toledo man who court documents indicate admitted running a prostitution operation out of a Lima motel, pleaded not guilty Friday to charges the against him.

Eshon Howard, 38, was indicted by the recent session of the Allen County grand jury on three counts of promoting promoting prostitution, fourth-degree felonies that each contain a specification alleging that Howard used a firearm during the commission of the crimes.

According to a narrative written by Detective Jesse Harrod of the Lima Police Department, on Feb. 17 of this year officers received a call from a woman who reported there were two white women and a black male at the Holiday Inn on Leonard Avenue in Lima who allegedly were engaging in prostitution. The caller claimed Howard was forcing the women to have sex with other men and was getting the money.

The caller also told police she had been assaulted by Howard, according to court documents.

Officers went to the motel and made contact with the occupants of the room in question. Evidence discovered in the room “appeared to confirm the report of prostitution-related activity,” the police narrative indicates.

During the subsequent police interview, all three females confirmed they were in Lima in order for them to engage in sexual activity for hire. Howard reportedly admitted driving the females, renting the room and holding the money paid to the girls. Howard said he would get 25 percent of the girls’ profits.

During an earlier appearance in Lima Municipal Court, bond was set for Howard at $50,000.


By J Swygart

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