Rhodes State board borrows $10 million

Tuition rate increase tabled for now

By Sam Shriver - sshriver@limanews.com

LIMA — The downtown project for Rhodes State College took another step forward as the board of trustees voted Tuesday night to take out a $10 million line of credit to help fund the Health and Science Center.

The board tabled a measure to raise tuition which would have been effective this fall. The board could still bring up the issue at future meetings. That resolution and one which would have changed compensation and benefits were tabled due to pending actions in the Ohio Legislature.

“The State of Ohio has not yet made a determination as to what all of the institutions can do. It’s in the House. It’s going to the Senate so it has to be approved so we can not make a decision on that until it’s actually approved, but we wanted to present it tonight so we’re aware of what it was,” said Cynthia Spiers, interim president at Rhodes State College.

The Ohio Legislature continues to work on the budget. In the past, there’s been a freeze on tuition rates.

“Every two years they determine what that (tuition) rate can be or whether it’s going to be froze. So right now, we don’t have any indication that it’s frozen but we don’t know at what rate they’re going to allow two-year colleges to increase tuition,” she said.

Rhodes State College has been continuing to operate under a net loss, partially due to the declining number of full-time students enrolled at the college.

The board also heard an update on the recent visit of the Higher Learning Commission.

“We have our unofficial report from the team that reviewed the institution and it will go to the IAC of the Higher Learning Commission in June for final approval and any amendments they see. We met everything and our compliance report was good,” said Spiers.

“They had accolades when they were here about the great facilities and technology and our processes in place and many of them said they wished they had what we had, so we were very pleased with that,” said Spiers.

The Higher Learning Commission did have one area of slight concern.

“We had on our organizational chart some positions that have not yet been filled. They were just recommending to let them know once those positions were filled,” she said.

Tuition rate increase tabled for now

By Sam Shriver


Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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