Truck lands on train tracks near Ottawa

OTTAWA — Wet road conditions are attributed to a semi driver from Chicago sliding on state Route 65, north of Ottawa, on Tuesday morning and getting his semi caught on railroad tracks.

According to Mark Doster, Putnam County Sheriff’s Office deputy, the county’s dispatch received a call at 10:59 a.m. Tuesday from the semi driver, identified as Dean Windsor, 76, of Chicago, that he had slid his semi onto the railroad tracks.

“He was driving north on 65 coming from Ottawa, and the pavement was wet. He hit his brakes to slow down and landed the vehicle on the railroad tracks,” Doster said.

No injuries were reported, and Meyer’s Towing, Glandorf, hauled the semi away to its shop.

State Route 65 was closed for an hour as the scene was cleared, Doster said.

The sheriff’s office and CSX responded to the scene.

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